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A Healthy Home starts from the Ground Up

Structural Repair

The wooden substructure of your home is meant to be permanently in good condition through the life of a house. Unfortunately, a lot can change since the time the home was built and during the time you may be living in it. The wooden substructure consists of girders, sills, joists, subfloors and piers. All of these structural aspects can experience change over time.

We test, observe and evaluate your wooden substructure for the following items, offering affordable and long lasting repairs:

  • Termite Damage 
  • Water Damage 
  • Dry Rot 
  • Leaking Shower Pan / Bathroom and Kitchen Floors 
  • Improper Framing and Repairs 
  • Sloping or Bouncy Floors (Masonry Piers)

Moisture Remediation

The environment in your crawl space is crucially important. It helps regulate the atmosphere of everything above your subfloor. That’s why it’s necessary to control it with proper ventilation, ground covering and a moisture control system.

Typical solutions to moisture problems in your home include:

  • Interior French Drain Systems 
  • Sump Pumps 
  • Moisture (or Vapor) Barriers 
  • Encapsulation Systems 
  • Dehumidification Systems 
  • Waterproofing

Crawlspace Medic Care Plan

Prevention is always the best cure. Once your crawl space has a clean bill of health, we’ll help you keep it that way, so you don’t have to make the same repairs more than once.

Our Crawlspace Medic Care Plan provides twice-yearly comprehensive inspections to identify any elements that may compromise your crawl space and the foundation of your home. This maintenance plan adds value to your home and keeps your crawl space in optimum health for your peace of mind.

For a period of 12 months from the date you sign our Crawlspace Medic Care Plan agreement, Crawlspace Medic will provide two (2) comprehensive inspections of your home’s crawl space with graphs, notes, and pictures to include the following:

  • Visual inspection of ductwork, including return, supply and boot attachments
  • Visual inspection of plumbing system, including supply and drain lines
  • Visual inspection of crawl space insulation
  • Visual inspection of foundation vents, walls and piers
  • Visual inspection for signs or indications of microbial growth
  • Perform wood moisture content measurements
  • Visual inspection of interior and exterior drainage systems, including gutter downspout and drainage from roof runoff
  • Perform a pest and rodent inspection

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